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Trump Pick To Head Justice Department Civil Rights Division

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Trump Pick To Head Justice Department Civil Rights Division

Eric Dreiband's which was president Trump's pick to head the Justice Departments Civil rights division is going to review by the Senate Judiciary committee on Wednesday.

There is a lot of criticism be lobbed at Dreiband because of his stance against the LGBT community and his defense against descrimination lawsuites. He has also changed his position on some major positions. However Trump and some of his past colleagues strongly support Dreiband as a hard worker with impeccable integrity.

Undemining the fundamental civil rights is Dreiband's major priority says the NAACP.

The deputy director of the ACLU says that Dreiband is someone who has a history of restricting civile rights and urged lawmakers to really scrutinize his appointment.

Civil rights organizations are disturbed about Dreiband's efforts since 2005 as a employment attorney for distinguished Washington law firms Akin Gump and Jones Day, where he is presently a partner. Dreiband has defended businesses like R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in an age discrimination case, Bloomberg in a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit, CVS Pharmacy in an employee severance agreement lawsuit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Dreiband is critcized by LGBT groups because it decided to sustain provisions of North Carolina's state bathroom bill. This bill of course denied people from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex that is on their official birth certificate.

Changing positions, Yes?

Largelytroubling for some legal observers is Dreiband's seeming changing postions when it came to minority employing at the retailer Abercrombie and Fitch. In 2004, while helping as general counsel at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under President George W. Bush, Dreiband led a successful discrimination case against the corporation.

Abercrombie was alleged to have violated the Civil Rights Act by practicing recruiting practices that provided priviledge to white men over minorities and female applicants. $50 Million is what Abercrombie agreed to pay to resolve the EEOC lawsuite.

Butin a 2015 case that went all the way to the Supreme Court, Dreiband was on the legal team defending Abercrombie in a lawsuit that accused the clothing company of refusing to hire a Muslim teenager because her religious headscarf violated its "look" policy. In the Supreme Court brief submitted by Dreiband and other lawyers, they argued "the look policy is crucial to Abercrombie's success, and complying with it is an important part of a Model's job." The term "Model" is what Abercrombie called its floor associates.

However in 2015 the case went to the Supreme Court. Dreiband was then on the team for defense lawyers for Abercrombie in a lawsuit which accused the clothing company of denying a Muslim teenager employment because of the religious headscarf. This policy violated its "look" policy. In the Supreme Court decision Dreiband argued that the "look policy" is crucial to Abercrombie's success in the market place.

The argument appeared to be straightforwardly contradictory to what Dreiband had stated as general counsel for the EEOC in the previous Abercrombie complaint.

Dreiband's stark alteration in stance as a private attorney is unsettling to at least one senator on the judiciary committee who hasn't decided if she will be voting for his confirmation.


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