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If you get hurt on the job, it is important that you understand your state’s workers’ compensation system. Workers’ compensation (sometimes referred to as “workman’s compensation”) may be your only means of receiving compensation for a work-related injury, so read on to learn the details of how workers' comp works.

The legal document that begins a personal injury lawsuit and lays out the plaintiff's allegations against the defendant is, in most states, called the "Complaint." In this article, we'll take a section-by-section look at what a complaint might look like in a slip and fall (premises liability) case.

General Factual Allegations

A slip and fall case involves a piece of property. The general factual allegations section will:

  • identify the property
  • contain the plaintiff's allegations as to why he or she was on that property,
  • state the plaintiff's belief as to who owned and controlled the property.

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